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Why Waste My Time?!?! June 7, 2009

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        I was talking to the Lord about my recent job-search.  I was complaining (as I so often do) and asking why I have to waste my time putting in applications at places He knows are not going to hire me.  Why waste my time, gas, and money going around town looking, when He already knows the outcome?

Following is His answer to me.

        “Life is in the living of it.  As you are living in Me, nothing is wasted.  Every moment, every experience, every so-called “waste of time” is a part of the life you’re living.  It is all profitable, or at least can be.  Highs & lows, victories & failures, coming in & going out, when you see great things happening, and when it all seems dull and dead; it’s all a part of your life.  Since I have redeemed your life, it can all bring you deeper into me.”

        Lord, help me to trust in the flow of your Holy Spirit in me.  I rest in You, knowing that apart from You, I can do nothing.


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