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A Must Read For Those Who Love Jesus? January 16, 2010

“If you really love Jesus, forward this email to everyone in your address book.”  “If you’re not ashamed of Jesus, post this message on your blog.”  “Everyone who loves God must see this presentation.”  “If you’re a true Christian…blah blah blah…”

Is anyone else sick and tired of this ungodly garbage?  Sure, you can forward all the email you want.  You can direct people to videos, recommend blog posts, and whatever you like.  BUT if ANYONE connects such actions to your “salvation,” or your love of Jesus, you can rest assured, they ARE NOT speaking for God.  This is plain old religious manipulation and control through intimidation.  Don’t think for a moment that represents the gospel one iota.

I am a Christian, I’m not ashamed of God, and I do love Jesus.  That’s why when I get that kind of an email,


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