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PEACE August 15, 2010

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My wife likes flowers and plants.

We have a lot of them.

We also have a lot of trees around where we live.

Of all the gin-joints…I, I mean,
Of all the trees where a bird could make a nest,
This dove chose to come onto our deck, and make
a nest in one of my wife’s plants.

My wife made the discovery as she was watering the plants.
She held the sprayer over the hanging plant, pulled the trigger, and
both her and the bird got quite a surprise!

We’ve named the dove “Peace.”  She’ll let us get pretty close, but she seems
to be camera shy.

After her “close-up,” she flew away in a huff. It wasn’t long, though, until she was back sitting on her egg.

Now Introducing her babies, Joy and Love.


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