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To The Max August 24, 2017

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What a pleasant surprise when we received the most recent issue of AARP.
The last thing I would have expected was cover art by Peter Max!



Like millions of others, I was a big fan of his work.  I had posters and other items.
I even had a pair of Peter Max pants, like the ones below.

At 79, he’s still going strong.
Just thought I’d post this blast from the past (well, and the current).

If you don’t get AARP in the mail, check out their video. Click HERE.


A Spiritual Man May 22, 2011

We really enjoyed the recent B.J. Thomas concert here in Fort Wayne. Lots of great music by a fabulous vocalist, with a really good band.
Unlike many artists, he still has that great, versatile voice.
Hits like “Hooked On A Feeling,” Raindrops…,” “Theme from Growing Pains,'” “Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song,” “Mighty Clouds of Joy,”
“Home Where I Belong,” and so many more.
He closed with a powerful version of “Suspicious Minds,” which he originally recorded around the same time Elvis did.
(The song was written by Mark James.)

Mr. Thomas gave lots of background stories, humorous insights, and bits of wisdom from his personal journey.
He even managed to work in a few comments about that night being “the end of the world.”

It didn’t take much to see that he had, long ago, started down a path similar to the one I have taken.
He gave testimony to the omnipotence of Father, the lordship of Christ, and the universal love of God, all while acknowledging himself as being a
spiritual man, while being decidedly NOT religious. He says, as so many have, that no one religion can contain God.

The whole audience seemed full of love for the entertainment and insights of this man. He just came off as being a really nice guy.
He had a great rapport with the crowd, interacting with verbal comments yelled from the seats, and allowing everyone to take
pictures during the concert. That’s very rare. People would walk right up to the edge of the stage, just inches from him, and take pictures.

Anyway, my wife a met some nice people, sang, danced, clapped, and had a great time with old memories while creating new ones.

Thank you, B.J. Thomas. It was a night to remember!

(Here’s a bit from a previous interview that I just found)

“There’s lots of ways to find your faith and your spirituality. Yeah, that was what turned us around in those days. That was kind of a spiritual awakening to us, that we found through Christianity. I don’t think I ever was a religious person, but there was a spiritual awakening that happened. When you go back and make a lot of specific references to certain things, certain things change, and evolve over the years. I might have been presented as a very religious entity in those days, but I’m not a religious person as we speak. And, I’m not sure that any one religion can serve all humanity. So, I think you have to have your life experiences and you have to dig your faith out of your own heart and your own spirit. There’s an evolution and a progress that goes on in a lifetime.” – B.J. Thomas


Little Tin Stove November 9, 2009

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Ahh, childhood memories.
During our recent move, I found this little memento from my past, pictured to the left.
When we were children, my brother and I were baking mud pies is this little tin stove.  Sounds innocent enough, right?  The problem is, this culinary undertaking took place in my father’s corn crib.
The fire we so wisely built on the floor of a wooden structure, destroyed, of course, said containment system.  Who would have seen that coming?!?!?
Just one of the many delightful playtime activities my brother and I engaged in.
We were so cute.


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