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God Is Not Rude February 26, 2011

— by Darin Hufford —

The teaching today in American churches to “respect the man of God” demonstrates a rude or unfinished mentality. It’s used to get people to do what the religious leader wants. Unfortunately, the work of Christ is denied by implying that there are some Christians who are men of God and others who aren’t. All men and women deserve our respect equally.

We have built our theology on a rude God who says, Do it because I said so.” Once the verse has been read, if you dare to ask why, your entire faith is on trial.

Truthfully, I believe that quoting Scripture is the escape route for thousands of pastors, evangelists, and authors today. It’s something we have all learned to hide behind.

God will never talk down to you or treat you as anything less than an adult. God respects your opinions and decisions.

God never intended our relationship with Him to be like a soldier mindlessly following the orders of his commander. If you ask “why,” He will help you understand. If you need time to get it, He will patiently teach you until you do.
A relationship is a dialogue not a monologue. Our present-day view of obedience terminates the possibility of a two-way conversation.


Taken from “The Misunderstood God.”

You owe it to yourself to Read This Book.

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I love the sacred scriptures. 
But honestly, the way many, if not most, wrongly approach the scriptures,
misunderstand and misinterpret the scriptures,
and use the scriptures as a weapon against others, well…
I think a lot of Christians who have a Bible would be better off without it.
Or at least the rest of us would be better off.
— df


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