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Barry McGuire Email May 29, 2009

Here’s an email I got from Barry McGuire back when we started our involvement with Aids Walk 2009.
It was very encouraging.


Hi David,

We have a mentally ill son who requires all of our attention and our donations, but we certainly know your heart on the aids walk. Sorry we can’t help financially, but we are in total agreement with you.

Flack… may get it! We’ve always caught a lot of flack. ….

It just seems to us, since Christ died to forgive ALL – that to us would mean, every person now living, who has ever lived, or will ever be born in the future, has been forgiven. The tragedy is so few of them know it. And how will they ever know it if they only see judgement in our eyes and hear condemnation from our lips. It’s not even up to us to judge or condemn, God our Father is the judge, Christ did the forgiving and is all we have to do is LOVE people. How simple is that! – Even the flack throwers have a hard time targeting that….

How dare I judge ANYONE that Christ gave His life to forgive! I don’t care if they’re gay [or] straight…
We don’t hear that being preached much these days do we!

Blessings on you my friend,
Barry & Mari


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