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My Review of “Love Is An Orientation” September 23, 2009

LIAOrientationWhat a breath of fresh air this book is.  With all the hatred being spewed forth by BOTH the left and the right, there couldn’t be a better time for a book like this.  Mr. Marin presents ideas and an approach to dialog that is rooted in love and respect.  Finally, an alternative that I believe is truly Christ-like.  I am so sick and tired of self-proclaimed right-wing Christians talking about “loving everyone,” while their words and actions show they couldn’t be farther from the heart of God.  Then, on the left, you’ve got people yelling “Tolerance!” who have absolutely no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them.
This is an issue that, more and more, is touching everyone’s lives.  We can’t afford to rely on our preconceived notions.  Nor can we keep addressing issues without seeing the flesh and blood people affected by those issues.  If you’ve ever wanted to be part of the solution, instead of just repeating religious rhetoric, while having no real understanding, then you owe it to yourself and others to read this book.
— David Foreman


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