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How To Die October 19, 2011

How To Die
– Branden Holder

I really loved “The Shack.”
Yet, unlike many of my more lengthy reviews, that particular review was only about half-a-dozen sentences.
Why? I don’t read a lot of fiction. It’s not normally what I enjoy.
[“Les Misérables”, “The Shack”, and “So, You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore” are some notable exceptions.]
I’m not great at reviewing fiction, either.
So, I’m not the best person to review Mr. Holder’s “How To Die.” There will be others who will do a much better job.
I can say this: I enjoyed it.

It’s a story about heaven, hell, and purgatory. It’s also a story about how we should live now.
In this fictional setting, Branden tackles many of our beliefs and how they might “play out” if indeed they are correct.
Ultimately, this is an expose of how we view God.  It is a challenge to re-think some of our preconceived theological notions.

Certainly, the major questions and ideas here are not new. They are ones that have been addressed, probably, since the dawn of time. It has been my experience, however, they are not often addressed seriously among those who identify as “evangelical.” To question such things is seen as, at best, a lack of faith, and at worse, denying God himself.

But Mr. Holder does put a fresh spin on these questions, and manages to create an interesting journey into the unknown.

“How To Die” is a relatively short novel, so even if (like me) you’re not that into fiction, you can enjoy a brief departure from you regular reading material without an overwhelming time investment.

I do recommend this book, and look forward to future offerings by this young new talent. Who knows, maybe he’ll give us a non-fiction book as well. 🙂

– df

Buy the book.  Click HERE.

From the promo:

Follow one young man’s journey through an unexpected afterlife. When his existence is cut short by an unfortunate incident, Nicholas Walker finds himself at the gates of Heaven. However, upon entering his celestial life after death, Nicholas finds that nothing about Heaven, Hell, or anywhere in between is as simple as he once thought. Through experience and revelation, Nicholas embarks on an adventure bound to leave him changed forever.A relatively short, yet thought-provoking, philosophical allegory confronting the potential dangers of never questioning one’s personal beliefs and values.

Buy the book.  Click HERE.


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