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About Me May 27, 2009

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Hi. I’m Dave.
I am on a journey.
I call it a “Life Walk”.

The older I get, and the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. I am increasingly wary of those who propose to have all the answers. The experiences I’ve had, the things I have discovered, and the questions I still have, I share with others through counseling, writing and blogging, singing, and just plain friendship.

I been involved in “church” much of my life. I’ve been an elder, a co-pastor, a worship leader, etc. etc. In December of 2007, my wife and I finally came out of organized religion. I still function in many of the areas I used to, but I now do so in a more free-flowing, organic fashion, outside the walls of what we have called “the church.”
I now believe the “good news” is better than I ever imagined, and realize Christianity does not own God. Many of the beliefs I used to hold dearly have been brought into serious question, and many who I once “worshiped” with would now consider me a heretic.

Anyway, this is a journey of much discovery. It’s exciting, frustrating, fun, and scary. I read of many on the same journey, but I know very few on this journey locally.  If you live in or around Fort Wayne, Indiana, please feel free to contact me.

Read my blogs, check out some of the links. Hopefully, you’ll find something of interest here. Either way, be blessed on your journey.

Who I’d like to meet:
People looking for friendship on this amazing, sometimes confusing, journey called life. Wouldn’t mind getting together for coffee, a movie, or hanging out on occasion. Having some more prayer-partners wouldn’t hurt. Of course, my wife and I are always interested in meeting new couples, as well.

Extra stuff about me:

Some of the music I like —
Pink, Alice Cooper, Barry McGuire, Creed, Keith Green, Steve Grand, Alabama, Cher, The Archies, Stryper (the Archies on acid), Walk Off The Earth, Styx, Dennis DeYoung (You are Styx, man!), Train, Michael Omartian, Uriah Heep, Aerosmith, Rich Mullins, Al Green, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Queen, Grass Roots, Temptations, Elton John, Terry Taylor, Matchbox 20, Vivaldi, Blondie, Third Day, Janny, Five For Fighting, Rob Thomas, Amy Grant, Barry Manilow, Michael W Smith, Three Dog Night, Doris Day, The Monkees, Lion King Broadway Soundtrack, Tamplin, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Chicago, Peter Cetera (You are Chicago, man!), Quiet Riot, They Might Be Giants, Jars Of Clay, Randy Travis, Bride, Andy Kim, Bon Jovi, The Newsboys, Steve Taylor (You are the Newsboys, man!), REO Speedwagon, Diane Warren, Rod Stewart, Robert Palmer, Paul Clark, David Bowie, Journey, Steve Perry (You are Journey, man!), Janis Joplin, and on and on…

I also LOVE live theater; especially musical theater. Some of my favorites are:
Les Miserables
Lion King
Jersey Boys

My wife and I have a couple of CD’s out.  We also do some “lay-counseling,” concerts, and public speaking.
To check out that aspect of my life,  click HERE.
If you would like a free Re-Union CD, just send me your name and address, and I’ll get one out to you while supplies and finances for postage are available.

If you really want some more personal info,
Check out these select blog posts:

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  1. isnessie Says:

    Hi Dave, quite an interesting perspective for blogging, amidst all the fundamentalist extremes. I’m definitely intrigued, will be following to see more of your thoughts!

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