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I’m More Biblical Than You February 25, 2012

It is stupid for conservatives to think that they are more moral or “biblical” (oh my gosh I hate that word) than liberals.
There is plenty of support for both worldviews in scripture.

There is plenty of support for MOST worldviews in scripture, actually, depending on your preferred exegetical approach. The bible is not as cohesive as either side would want to believe, and to derive one single systematic theology from it while maintaining any kind of intellectual integrity is nearly, if not entirely, impossible.

— [Small section of a comment by a wise facebook friend.]


One Response to “I’m More Biblical Than You”

  1. Tafacory Says:

    I’m glad to see others share a similar opinion to my own. The Bible can be used to justify just about anything: slavery, polygamy, murder, abortion, etc. For every verse that is affirmative about an issue, at least 2 can be found which are negative about that same issue. Not to mention that every religious book fails as a moral guide. None of the holy books in the world’s major religions give us definitive answers about moral dilemmas. They were written long ago and simply can not comment on things like bioethics and so on. Great post.

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