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The Jesus Lens October 27, 2011

“Jesus didn’t give his followers a book.
He gave them his holy spirit.”

The Bible is a wonderful gift from God, when it’s not worshiped and is properly viewed, not as a legal document, but as part of the “story of God’s unfolding revelation of himself.”
People like Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Spencer Burke, and Wayne Jacobsen have not abandoned their Bibles.
Quite the contrary, they all hold scripture in very high regard.
They all just realize how terribly misused, abused, misunderstood, and misapplied its contents have been.
Books like “Velvet Elvis,” “A New Kind of Christianity,” “He Loves Me,” “The Misunderstood God,” and “The Naked Gospel,” all, to varying degrees, deal with what the Bible really is and how to properly approach it.

The Bible, according to the book of Timothy, is “useful.”  As someone else said,  “That’s a far different job description than we have given it.”
Certainly, from verse to verse, the Bible does “contradict” itself.  That’s because it is a “progressive revelation of God,” by people inspired to record events the way they remembered them at the time.

Anyway, this new series “The Jesus Lens” by Wayne Jacobsen seems promising. I’ve only watched one session so far.
In it Wayne addresses those who have basically thrown out their Bibles altogether due to the way we’ve been falsely taught to approach these inspired writings; a way that can make God seem to be a distant, mean-spirited overseer.

One thing we see in this first session is that truth is not revealed in this verse or that verse.
But rather “in the sum total of the scriptures we have the truth.”

Watch this first session, see what you think.
It’s only about 20 minutes.
I’ll be interested to see where Mr. Jacobsen takes us from here..

[Go to Session One of “The Jesus Lens.”  Click HERE.]


2 Responses to “The Jesus Lens”

  1. The single most thing that has made scripture relevant and approachable for me is having learned how to “pray with scripture” through the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. Utilizing Lectio-Divina, Imagination/Contemplation, along with others methods of meditation and prayer have opened my eyes and heart to see through what Jacobsen might refer to as “the Jesus Lens”. After all, God did say that the law would be planted in our hearts, and through these methods, I find that to be more and more true.

    • lifewalkblog Says:

      God did say he would write his law on our hearts. We must not, however, confuse his law with the law of Moses, or any of the other Old Testament regulations.
      Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying watching the videos of “The Jesus Lens.”
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Blessings in Christ.

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