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Thank God For Evolution August 22, 2011

Thank God for Evolution:
How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will
Transform Your Life and Our World
By Michael Dowd

Mr. Dowd makes a promise at the beginning of the book: “that the sacred evolutionary perspective offered here will enrich your faith and inspire you in ways that believers in the past could only dream of.”
I can say that for me, he kept his promise.
Although my review is mainly aimed at those with a belief in Christ, the author makes his statements applicable to those of all faiths, and to those of “no faith” as well.

As I always state, I do not agree with everything written in these pages.
It’s odd. Although Michael’s views in some ways seem to diminish the reality of God for me, they somehow simultaneously, in most ways, make God much more real, and much bigger than I’ve ever imagined God to be.
My wife commented that, when reading this book, I spent as much time staring off into space as I did reading. It’s just that kind of a book. And it did take me a long time to get through it.

This book defines evolution in some ways I’ve never heard before. Darwin only got it partially right, according to Dowd, who shows us “evolution is Not meaningless blind chance.”
We cover things like “Flat-Earth Faith Versus Evolutionary Faith,” “Experiencing God Versus Thinking About God,” “The Role of Humanity in an Evolving Universe,” as well as gaining an evolutionary Christian perspective on things like The Fall, Original Sin, Personal Salvation, and Loving your Enemies.
We see that if, as the Bible states, God is in all and through all, then everyone and everything is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent.
As Carl Sagan said, “It takes the whole universe to make an apple pie.”

There’s an appendix I like that covers “Good and Bad Reasons for Believing.”

This book is about where and how everything came into being, and where it’s likely going. The focus, however, is really more about how we should live here and now. About how a sacred evolutionary perspective affects our every day lives, as well as future generations.
There is so much here that could radically change our relationships and our world, if put into practice.

As another reviewer has stated: “With evidence from contemporary astrophysics, geology, biology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology, “Thank God for Evolution” lays out a compelling argument for how religion and science can be mutually enriching forces in our lives.”

This is a challenging, interesting, and I think, vital read. Buy a copy. See what you think, while keeping in mind that “all truth is God’s truth.”
— df

Buy the book. Click HERE.


By no longer opposing evolution…I now have a more intimate relationship with God than ever before.

Stop assuming that you know best how things are supposed to go in the world. Rather, try on an attitude of gratitude.

Facts are God’s native tongue!
The discovery of facts through science is one very powerful way to encounter God directly.

When a story becomes scripture, it ceases to evolve.

For our kind of intelligence, metaphors are not optional.

Buy the book. Click HERE.

Jesus as “the way, the truth, and the life” will still be central in an evolutionary form of Christianity.

A mistake about Creation results in a mistake about God. – Thomas Aquinas

God did not stop revealing truth vital to human well-being thousands, or even hundreds, of years ago.
As the UCC says, “God is still speaking.”

Thinking about God is no substitute for tasting God, and talking about God is no substitute for giving people ways of experiencing God.

Buy the book. Click HERE.

Any understanding of “God” that does not at least mean “Ultimate Reality” or “the Wholeness of Reality” is a trivialized, inadequate notion of the divine.

A deeply fulfilling marriage of faith and reason leads to empowered lives and healthy relationships – and to vibrant civilizations.

When I trust like Jesus, love like Jesus, live my truth like Jesus, take responsibility like Jesus, and serve the Whole like Jesus, I know heaven.

If a person is expected to give mental assent to word-based propositions in order to be “saved,” then God’s love is hardly unconditional, nor is God’s wisdom infinite.

Your life story is not something that exists independently of your interpretations.

Buy the book. Click HERE.

It’s impossible to love God without gratitude.
I have everything I need to appreciate the gift of the present moment.

We don’t think our assumptions.
We think from them.

A supremely disturbing fact of human history is that the greatest evils have been perpetrated by those who were trying to rid the world of evil.
Believers down through the ages have justified religious hatred and violence by appealing to their scriptures.

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven” cannot possibly mean less that allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us as a species in evolving mutually enhancing relationships with one another, with the larger body of Life (Nature) and with our own creations, and doing so to the glory of God.

Buy the book. Click HERE.


2 Responses to “Thank God For Evolution”

  1. mbdowd Says:

    Thanks for your generous and encouraging review, Dave!

    “All Truth Is God’s Truth” has been a touchstone phrase for me since I was a student at Evangel.

    In case you’re interested, here are my two most recent projects:

    “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity”

    “Evolutionize Your Life”:
    Free teleseminar:
    5-week course:


    ~ Michael

    • lifewalkblog Says:

      Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by! And thanks for the great book.
      I will be checking out the resources you’ve linked to.
      If you ever lecture in Fort Wayne Indiana, please let me know.
      Be blessed,

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