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For The Bible Tells Me So July 27, 2011

Provocative. Eye-opening. Moving. Award-winning.

You can buy this documentary at my LifeWalk Store. It is also available at Netflix, as both a hard-copy rental, or an instant-view download.  If none of those options work for you, I have a copy I loan out. I’ll mail it to you, and your only obligation is to mail it back within one month. If interested, email me at .

Whatever method works best, please don’t miss this important documentary.

Also check out the very moving video “Through My Eyes.”

AND, read a little about my journey by clicking HERE.



2 Responses to “For The Bible Tells Me So”

  1. Bruce Says:

    I saw this on Netflix. Powerful story.

    • lifewalkblog Says:

      Yeah. Very powerful I’ve seen it over and over. If you get a chance, also watch “Through My Eyes.”
      Hey, thanks for stopping by. Be blessed.

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