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Some Seek A Sign April 28, 2011


OK. Most of you have probably seen a sign somewhere like
the first one below.  But hey,  if you’re going to  go that route,
these other signs may be just as appropriate!







2 Responses to “Some Seek A Sign”

  1. Gail Dickert Says:

    lol now that’s the Bible everyone needs to remember when they get caught up in the fundamentalism that’s destroying christianity! Who worships “that” god anyway? Love this post!

    • lifewalkblog Says:

      I thought they were funny. I saw them online. I forget where. I added the “Thou Shalt Not” as an intro. Of course they’re not real, but
      they certainly could be, if some people had their way!
      I don’t know if you’ve read it, but Bert Gary and I wrote an article about the “Baby Smashing” verse.
      It’s at:
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Be Blessed,

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