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The Antichrist Is HERE! June 28, 2010

You would think that, because of the good news of Jesus Christ, the world would be a better place. Then why isn’t it? If the commandment of love has ruled and abounded in the hearts of humankind for 2,000 years, the world would be a better place. Then why isn’t it? If the millions who profess to be Christians really live what they claim to believe, practiced what they preached, truly served their fellow human beings from the goodness of their hearts, then wouldn’t the world be a better place?
Then why isn’t it?

Have we learned nothing in 2,000 years! What has the Jesus of Christianity done? He brandishes picket signs that read: “God hates fags.” He bombs abortion clinics and murders doctors. Jesus readily and loosely scoffs and shouts “Sinner!” telling death row inmates to “burn in hell.” He strings up a gay man on a fence and murders him, hangs a black man from a tree, massacres and forces entire indigenous tribes from their lands and homes. Jesus backbites, gossips, destroys the reputations of those he is jealous of; accuses, hangs, beheads, shoots, maims, dismembers, burns, drowns, stands by, watches, does nothing and unmercifully consents.

— Carol Harper

(So, just who or what is the Antichrist?)
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(Your knee-jerk reaction may be one of self-defense.  Don’t let that keep you from reading all of the article.)


2 Responses to “The Antichrist Is HERE!”

  1. Tom Sass Says:

    There is no doubt that “formal” or organized Christianity has been guilty of all the concerns and activities you have so clearly noted. But, interestingly enough, you have articulated the very same things that the sinful, non-Christ world is guilty of. There is no doubt that Christians need to become more like Christ in accepting and presenting the real Christ to the world, but I noticed that you reserved all the condemnation for the Christian Church’s actions (and rightfully so, I might add) but failed to mention 2 John 6 where “love” is defined for us by God as “a fulfilling of His commandments”! Your application of love surely does and needs to apply to external organized Christianity, but you seem to neglect the same challenge to the sinful world to adhere to a set of Godly “absolutes” rather than the “relativism” they approach life with now.I’m concerned that your approach and words do not reflect the same “balance” that Christ would reflect on commenting about these serious issues of life.

    • lifewalkblog Says:

      I’m glad you acknowledged the guilt of institutionalized religion. I think Carol was making a good point. Like all authors, she can’t cover everything in every article. I’ve read more of her writings, and agree with her most of the time. Overall, I don’t find her at all unbalanced.
      I would just say, concerning you quote of 2 John 6:
      Love is a fulfilling of his commandments. He said all commandments boil down to love. So, love is not so much fulfilling His commandments as it is a fulfillment of His commandments. (Romans 13:10)

      As always, good to hear from you.
      Be blessed,

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