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Brand Christianity June 4, 2010

(Taken from “A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity” by Spencer Burke”)

According to the Barna Research Group, almost twenty million people have walk away from branded Christianity [from 2001 to 2006]. Brand Christianity has basically reduced the relationship between God and humanity to a business transaction.
Food, clothing, music, literature, movies, television, concerts, conferences and festivals — everything these days is available in a Christian version. The “us versus them” mentality that results is a major obstacle to many people, and the message of Jesus has become so wrapped up in a particual package that its potential to engage all of society has been lost. Brand Christianity has turned grace into a commodity that can be accessed only through the embrace of a particular cultural form of religion, one that is increasingly unappealing to many seekers.

Rather than binding and gagging grace behind the walls of Christianity and making access to it conditional on the acceptance of culturally created ideas, I believe we need to present the message of Jesus outside of brand Christianity.

Maybe the greatest gift the Christian religion can offer the world right now is to remove itself from the battle for God. I trust others will be excited by the prospect of encountering the message of Jesus without the baggage of brand Christianity.

If we adopt some misconception as absolute truth, it will actually prevent us from ever truly reaching the truth. Even when truth come knocking, we will not recognize it. Sometimes what we think we know becomes an obstacle to the truth.

— Spencer Burke
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