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Mr. Young Visits The Fort January 14, 2010

I’ve finally obtained some copies of the speech that William P. Young gave when he was here in Fort Wayne.  As the host pastor said, the speech was “Powerful.”  I’m amazed at the insights this man has into the heart of God.

He, of course, discusses his book, “The Shack,” and all the God-things that fell into place causing it to be the phenomenon it is.  He talks about some of the many testimonies of how this book has touched people, brought them closer to Father, and led people to Christ.  None of this is done in a “bragging” fashion, but truly shows how God has brought it all together.
He then takes audience questions (mine is about the 3rd one), and also addresses some of the criticisms about his novel.

Finally, he journeys into some very personal territory with the testimony about his failed and restored marriage, which has some strong similarities to the story of my wife and myself.
All in all, a funny, touching, uplifting, and insightful experience, leading to a deeper understanding of God’s love and amazing grace.

As I said, I have extra copies of this recording.  If you’re interested is listening to them, let me know.

— dave

Buy “The Shack” HERE.


2 Responses to “Mr. Young Visits The Fort”

  1. Gerald A. Myers Says:

    Dave. I am facilitating a book review in our church (Crystal River FL, First Presbyterian Church). When I was a participant in The Shack book study in the First United Methodist Church in Brookings, SD, I had the privilege of listening to his speech (recorded). I am unable to obtain the recording, so this message from you is a “God-send”. It would really enhance our book review. I have read the book 3 times prepping for the study, and have obtained a reading group study guide on The Shack by Dan Phillips. There are some good ideas for guiding the study, but the recording would really put the “icing on the cake” so to speak. Please let me know how I can get a copy. . I have facilitated many bible/book study meetings since I received my Assoc. of Arts in Theology (PhD in Botany). I am a certified lay minister in the Presbyterian and United Church of Christ Cong, indicating to you my background, hence the value I put on adding this recording to “The Shack” discussion group. Thank you very much. Dr. Gerald A. Myers

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