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Shepherds. Not Pastors. September 13, 2009

The modern day pastoral system is idolatrous. It produces pride and greed in the men who call themselves pastors and it produces idolatry in God’s people as they behold men and women who have assumed a mantle not based on the Bible, but on the traditions of men.

We know that the word “pastor” isn’t even in the bible. Correctly translated from a literal bible or lexicon the word “poimen” means a SHEPHERD.

Eph 4:11
…”and He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as proclaimers of good news, and some as shepherds (not “pastors”) and teachers.”

1 Peter 5:1
“Therefore, as a fellow elder, a witness of the Messiah’s sufferings, and one who shares in the glory to be revealed, I appeal to the elders among you: 2Be shepherds of God’s flock that is among you, watching over it, not because you must but because you want to, and not greedily but eagerly, as God desires. 3Do not lord it over the people entrusted to you, but be examples to the flock. 4Then, when the Chief  Shepherd appears, you will receive the victor’s crown of glory that will never fade away.”

Here we see very clearly the job of “watching over” the flock. It doesn’t say teaching, it doesn’t say preaching, it doesn’t say administrating, its doesn’t say uttering prophetic words it says WATCHING OVER the flock. Today’s brand of “pastor” has taken its form from the Nicolaitan man made traditions passed down through the generations. Through the centuries this “pastor”/priest function has been used to enslave people to manmade organizations instead of the true body of Jesus.

The position of “shepherd” watches over the flock. What exactly does that mean?  Think secret service here. The secret service “watches over” the president.  They remain in the BACKGROUND.

Another way of looking at this is as a group of parents “watching over” children playing in a room. They stand in the BACKGROUND while the children play to make sure nobody gets hurt. This position of shepherd is one that SHOULD exist IN THE BACKGROUND, not on a raised platform (above you) with a floodlight ON THEM and loudspeakers in our face.

Does this BACKGROUND position make sense in light of the fact that Paul NEVER mentioned a single “pastor” EVER in ANY of his travels? Yep, makes a lot of sense. Does this background position make sense in light of the fact that even the KJV only mentions the word “pastor” ONE TIME in the entire new testament? Yep, makes a lot of sense. Does this BACKGROUND position make sense in light of the fact that WE, US, THE SHEEP are supposed to be the ones ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER, which is the express purpose of assembling together mentioned HERE:

Hebrews 10:25
“… not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.”

I wish there was a lot more bible scripture I could quote about pastors but the fact is the Bible doesn’t say much about them.  Elders are mentioned frequently in the bible.

The fact is that “pastors” have developed a system that cannot be justified ANYWHERE in the bible without hijacking legitimate functions within the body of Jesus.  If the bible says “prophets” that doesn’t mean “pastors.” If the bible says “elders” that doesn’t mean “pastors.” A “pastor” according to the bible actually means “shepherd” and a “shepherd” stands in the BACKGROUND from the sheep. The shepherd stands in the BACKGROUND looking for danger to the flock.

The focal point within the true church is JESUS CHRIST ALONE. Then we the sheep are to focus on EACH OTHER not stare at the back of each other’s heads.  It’s kind of hard for me to encourage you when I’m staring at the back of your head and only one man “pastor” is allowed to do the talking. It’s kind of hard to maintain the integrity of the faith when one man’s opinion on doctrine carries more weight than the rest of the church combined.

We have been called to a simple faith in Jesus Christ alone. We have not been called to some man worshipping idolatrous system that we see in the world today.

(Condensed and modified from an article on “Christian Apostasy” by “Brother D.”)


One Response to “Shepherds. Not Pastors.”

  1. Randy Says:

    Hi Again….More food for thought…..

    It is quite interesting to me that the cross our Savior was crucified on was made of wood that was hand hewn by men. It was made of dead wood. It was planted in the ground by men. It had no life in it. It has become a symbol (perhaps an idol) to so many, many….of us. We have even gold plated it and wear it as an ornament of jewelry.

    Jesus is the tree of life. He is alive. He is risen above that dead wood.

    It seems, that perhaps this could be a picture of the structures that men build to support their carnal faith. Most organized, institutional, religious buildings, (the things they call “churches”, usually have a cross mounted somewhere inside where their congregations can’t miss seeing it. If Jesus would have been killed by a gun maybe that they might have guns, mounted behind their podiums on the wall, instead of a cross, or wear gold plated guns on a neclace around their necks.

    I just seems kind of ironic that Jesus was crucified on what seems to be an image of man’s typical, fleshly view of judgement and the law.

    After all, we are the church, not buildings made of wood hewn by men, and mounted in the ground by men, like that dead wooden cross.

    I prefer to cling to Jesus like you are doing; not the “Old wooden cross” It reminds me too much of clinging to the “Old wooden church building” or even an upgraded, gold plated version of a church building.

    Great article you have posted here.

    Have a great day in Jesus


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