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The Purpose of Parables July 21, 2009

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It’s important to remember that parables usually offer one, or maybe two main conclusions. Parables are stories that offer one central truth/lesson – all other details are incidental to that teaching.

A parable is not an allegory – so we should not attempt to determine what each character and action represents. The rich man/master in a certain parable, for example, who praises unethical behavior does not represent God.

The parable does not attempt to assign specific identities to each of its characters or elements. When we take that path we can wind up twisting and distorting the intended lesson of the parable.

Parables teach one fundamental value or insight about the kingdom of God and his grace – they are not intended as blueprints, offering specific details.

When understanding a parable, keep it simple! Don’t get involved in long, protracted, complex explanations. Such complexities almost always lead us away from the meaning Jesus intends.

G. Albrecht


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