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The End Is Here…AGAIN!! July 14, 2009

endworldHere are just a few ways in which prediction addiction and end-times anxiety is harmful and toxic:


• It distracts from the central message of the gospel — that Christ died to save the world.

• It discourages Christians from serving other human beings and improving the world around them.

• It is based on, and encourages, unsound and speculative interpretation of the Bible.

• It discourages responsible stewardship of the environment (the world will end soon, so why bother?).

• It focuses on human personalities, pundits, prognosticators or preachers who must constantly reinterpret prophecy in light of changing world events.

• It encourages legalism — promoting what you can do to escape the Tribulation.

• It encourages Christian isolationism and escapism.

• It motivates based on fear (saving one’s self), rather than love.

• It produces an unstable faith, which is focused on ever-changing world events, rather than on Christ.

• It burns Christians out. After investing emotionally and financially in end-time predictions, many lose faith and give up on Christianity when those predictions fail.

Read the full article by Monte Wolverton at:


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