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Gee, I Guess We’ve All Got It Wrong! June 23, 2009

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Part One: The History

Jeremiah 18:18

Then some people   said, “Come on! Let us consider how to deal with Jeremiah!   …   Come on! Let’s bring charges against him and get rid of him!   Then we will not need to pay attention to anything he says.”

Job 15:9-10

What do you know that we don’t know?
What do you understand that we don’t understand?
The gray-haired and the aged are on our side, men far older than your father.

John 9:34

They replied,  “You were born completely in sinfulness,  and yet you presume to teach us?”   So they threw him out.

Acts 6:13, 7:54,58

(After Stephen called the religious leader “on the carpet.”)
“This man does not stop saying things against this holy place and the law.”
When they heard these things, they became furious and ground their teeth… [and] they began to stone him.

Joan of Arc

Tried by an ecclesiastical court, and burned at the stake when she was nineteen years old for asserting that she had visions from God.

The Inquisitions

The various inquisitions that started around 1184 had jurisdiction over baptized members of the Church.  Pope Innocent IV’s papal bull Ad exstirpanda of 1252,  authorized and regulated the use of torture in investigating heresy.

Part Two:  The Present

OK.  Maybe institutionalized Christianity doesn’t burn people at the stake anymore.  But it still has little tolerance for those who dare challenge it’s reign.  If anyone points out how far from Christ it’s teachings are, it still says what it’s always said:

“We don’t need to pay attention.  What do YOU understand that we don’t?   You presume to teach US?!?!  Gee, I guess we’ve all got it wrong all these centuries!” 

Well, actually, yes…you have.
Over and over again.

Religion has always hated the prophets.  That’s what Jesus said.  It’s still true today.  But any “new truth” is, of course, nothing new.  It just keeps getting buried under the oppressive thumb of religion.  Every time it’s “rediscovered,” the so-called church again cries “Heresy!”  It still sarcastically says, “Gee, I guess we’ve all gotten it wrong, and now YOU understand.”

Some of us just understand that we don’t understand it all.  I think that’s a good place to start.


6 Responses to “Gee, I Guess We’ve All Got It Wrong!”

  1. Randy Says:

    Thank you for your blog. The institutional, organized, religious system is quite a vexation. Like a giant mousetrap for those who aren’t really seeking a relationship with God. The sad part is that there are still some lost sheep trapped in it. I was trapped in it too. Jesus set me free. We all need to do our part to help those lost sheep who are caught in that trap, like I used to be. Blogs like yours will enter the ears of those who are sincerely trying to repent.
    Loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind, trusting in Jesus, and following the lead of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your part.

    Have a great day in Jesus,

    • lifewalkblog Says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments. I, too, used to be very active in organized religion. I still know that God used me and blessed me while I was there. I know many people who love and serve the Lord, while still being trapped in the system. I pray for them. I share my views and experiences. I do think it’s important that, as we strongly oppose organized religion (and I do) that we not come off as unloving or arrogant. I’ve been accused of that from time to time.
      Anyway, I checked out your blog. Kudos. I don’t know where you are from (I couldn’t find an “about me” page), but if you’re ever in the Fort Wayne, IN area, let me know. We’ll do lunch or something.
      Blessings in Him,

  2. Randy Says:


    I’m from Spokane Wa……Thank you, I’ll get a post entered on the “about me”. There are quite a few of us out there, and I feel led by the Holy Spirit to put a link to your blog on my blog.
    Let us all be praying for each other also. God loves you and I hope you realized your are much appreciated .

    Have a great day in Jesus


    • lifewalkblog Says:

      Thanks, Randy. I’ll be looking forward to the “about me” section. I’ve placed your site in my links section. I’m sure we’ll disagree on some things, but hey, I haven’t found anyone on this planet yet who I always agree with. That’s when we just have to trust each other to God’s leading and care, and simply practice the orientation of love.

      • Randy Says:

        Hi Dave
        I think some amount of what we think as disagreement has to do with where we are on that straight and narrow path that leads to salvation. It’s not really disagreement, but completeness. We are not all at the same vantage point, so even though we are looking at the same thing it has a slightly different perspective….. and…. even in our own bodies, the left eye doesn’t usually see exactly the same thing as the right eye either. When the eyes don’t see exactly the same thing but you combine the sight of both… gives us depth.
        If our minds became so fixated on deciding which eye was seeing what was correct, we would never be able to appreciate anything we see without becoming frustrated.
        I am sure that is one of the reasons why we were given the Holy Spirit as our comforter. The Holy Spirit can give, what we see with our mind….a similar depth…. or insight.

        Like I always tell others anyhow……don’t follow me, you follow Jesus. I’m like you, I am just sharing what I am going thru in my own walk with Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

        Have a great day in Jesus,

  3. lifewalkblog Says:

    Good insights, Randy. Thanks.

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