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More On Torture June 18, 2009

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This issue recently came up on Facebook again.

To me, it’s a “lifeboat” situational ethics kind of thing.  In that way, of course the torture of one, in order to save thousands, makes perfect sense.  It’s all for the “greater good.”
It’s like negotiating with terrorists.  You can think, “If I don’t do this, it’s my fault those people die.”

No, it’s not!
It’s the fault of the people doing the killing.

We can’t be manipulated into taking responsibility for the actions of others by not meeting their demands.
In the same way, I can think that if I don’t engage in torture, I’m responsible for the deaths that could have been stopped.
Again, no, I’m not.

That’s kind of like justifying prostitution by thinking I can “witness” to people no one else can reach.
After all, if I don’t reach them, I’ll be responsible for their eternal demise.
Of course, that’s ridiculous.

Torture can be a hard issue to make decisions on, until I again return to the question, “Who would Jesus torture?”
I’m not saying what I would or wouldn’t do if my life was in danger.  I’m not saying God doesn’t “understand.”
I’m just saying it’s not compatible with the mind of Christ.


2 Responses to “More On Torture”

  1. ironsword Says:

    Anyone who supports Obama’s doctrine is a disgrace to his/her religion of Christianity, Mulsim, or Jew. Obama supports abortion and homosexuality. Those who do not speak up against this are also guilty of the same sin.

    • lifewalkblog Says:

      1. I don’t see how this speaks to the topic at hand.
      2. Religion is it’s own disgrace. I’d rather follow Jesus
      3. I’m glad God is the one Who decides who is guilty of what.
      4. Thanks for joining the discussion. Be blessed by His love.

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