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Encouraged By The Victories June 10, 2009

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We know we must do what God has called us to do, whether or not we see the results.  Nevertheless, it is good from time to time to be encouraged by the victories.  In that vein, I just wanted to share some excerpts from a letter my wife received for a former counselee of ours.

We cannot thank you enough for the continued prayers for (our child)…we continue to hold on to the promises of God that He WILL continue to intercede and help us… In spite of some major ‘storms’ we’re going thru we have had GREAT encouragement… God is AMAZING…

We think of you and Dave often and continue to lift you both as well as your ministry in our prayers –there is such a HUGE need for your ministry and we hope you will continue to grow the ministry and find the blessings poured out upon you above and beyond anything you can ask or imagine!!!!

Have a blessed day and thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers!!!!!

(Name withheld)


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