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Replacing Rationalism with a Broadly-based Philosophy for Knowing Truth June 8, 2009

I offer to you a new paradigm for establishing truth built around six pillars. It is as fol­lows.
Truth is discerned as my mind and my heart seek the Word (Jesus) while listening to the Holy
Spirit, the counsel of others and the experience of life.

Therefore I will use the “Six Pillars of Truth.”
* my mind
* the Bible
* my heart
* the Holy Spirit within my heart
* the counsel of others
* the experiences of life

All while asking the Holy Spirit to work through the counsel of others and the expe­riences of life, as well as illumine the Bible to my heart’s understanding.

Now, rather than seeking to discern truth based on only two resources (my mind and the Scriptures), I am using at least six resources [and] building on a broader foundation.

–Mark & Patti Virkler

[While I do not agree with the Virklers on a number of their teachings, there
is certainly MUCH to be gained from their writings; especially the “Six
Pillars of Truth.”  Many Christians seem to think we are to disregard our feelings and
experiences, and rely solely on a book for direction.  Man, talk about limiting God! —Dave]

Check out:
“49 Lies I Rejected when I Renounced Phariseeism and
Religion and Embraced True Christianity” at:


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