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My review of: The Jerome Conspiracy May 27, 2009

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Before the beginning of the actual novel, the author lets us know which aspects of this book are fiction, and which are church history.  I can’t say Mr. Wood is a gifted novelist.  The fiction portions are ok, but do not seem like that of a professional writer.  However, the non-fiction portions are very, very interesting.

This book then explores the Septuagint, the Babylonian and Egyptian versions of the Old Testament, the beliefs of the early Church, lots of detail about Jerome, how the Bible was intentionally altered, and an expose of the books of 2 Peter and Jude.

Michael Wood is a universalist, and this book is basically written to prove his belief.  Whether or not one subscribes to the teaching of universalism, this book has some incredible information and lots of history in it, making it a very worthwhile read.  A good follow-up book would be “What Does The Bible Really Say About Hell.”

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