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My Review Of: Alice Cooper, Golf Monster May 27, 2009

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I’ve never been into football.  Nevertheless, I really like the TV show “Friday Night Lights,” even during the football scenes.  It’s all about football, and yet, it’s all about people.

I have a similar like for “Alice Cooper, Golf Monster.”

I don’t golf.  I would tend to agree with Mark Twain when he said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”  But even though ACGM is filled with lots and lots of talk about golf, and a good swing, it manages to remain interesting.  Yes, it’s about golf, but it’s still about Alice.  There are stories about Elvis, Donavan, Groucho Marx, Zappa, and dozens of others.

I’ve always liked the music of Alice Cooper.  When I learned, years ago, of his Christianity, I felt like a brother had come home.  No, I’ve never met the man, but somehow, I feel a connection.  Silly, maybe, but I do.  (I’ve seen him once in concert, and can’t wait for him to return to Fort Wayne, IN.)

So, reading this book was, to me, like listening to an old friend.  The stories, the insights, the drama, and the humor; they’re all there.  Occasionally, I find his theology a little too religious for my tastes, but I’m big on “agree to disagree.”

If you enjoy golf, or rock-n-roll, you’ll find this a very interesting read.  If you hate golf, or rock-n-roll, you will still find this an interesting read.  Addiction.  Redemption.   The return of the prodigal.  Timeless themes as seen through the mascara-laden eyes of rock legend.

PS.  My wife also liked it.

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